Center Cut: A Sam Hook novel #2

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Much like the Lee Child thrillers that follow Jack Reacher, the Vince Flynn novels, and Ian Fleming’s James Bond, “Center Cut” takes readers on a psychologically suspenseful adventure that involves golf and a global conspiracy.
This story involves the shooting down of a passenger jet, the release of a virus to spread on the population in and around Columbus Ohio, a drug lord bent on finding who took his $35 million. Bernie and Amanda Kunckleman, find several pallets of money floating in the Atlantic, snagging it when they were fishing.
Her features are distinct, especially the tattoos on each shoulder. A dragon on one, with the tail curling down her arm and a black panther on the opposite shoulder, with the tail curling down her arm. The symbolism of both tattoos is she’s a badass.
Sam Hook wants to separate himself from the past, to become a different person. The distance between the skills needed to be a Navy Seal and professional golfer are almost opposites.
Sam is staying with Bernie and Amanda Kunckleman. They own a home next to the golf course, giving Sam quick access with no cost to him. What Amanda and Bernie don’t tell him is several weeks prior to his arrival they found millions of dollars floating in the Atlantic Ocean while fishing. The conflict starts when the money’s “rightful” owner, a drug lord named Alejandro, sends men to find and gather his money before the FBI captures it. Sam walks in on the interrogation. It isn’t a question what his next move is.

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