Solar Power Bank, Qi Portable Charger 10,000mAh External Battery Pack Type C Input Port Dual Flashlight, Compass, Solar Panel Charging (Orange)

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About this item

  • Qi Wireless & Solar Power:10,000mAh wireless power bank with solar. Not just wireless power bank but wireless charger as well compatible with iPhone 13/13Pro/ XR/ XR MAX/ XS/ X/ 8/ 8plus, Samsung Galaxy S9/S9plus S8/S8plus and all qi-enabled mobile devices.
  • Friendly Reminder on Solar:kindly know that solar charging is an additional feature, Taken the small panel size, large capacity and uncontrollable sunlight intensity into consideration, the solar charging option works as a backup solution while other sources of power is unavailable. Make sure the power bank is fully charged before your trips.
  • Extensive Tested Charging Times:The charging times of the solar phone charger have been extensively tested. Itself can be fully recharged around 6hours with 5V/2A adapter, It can charge iphone7plus up to 2.2times, iPhone X up to 2.3times, iphone8 up to 3.5times.
  • Sturdy Durable and Compact Size:the portable charger is made of premium ABS materials and lithium polymer battery, highly sturdy and durable. Its equipped with two USB, type C, dual flashlights and a compass kit. Light weight and compact size.
  • Dual Flashlight & Compass Kit:The solar phone charger is built with dual bright flashlight, and comes with a portable compass kit, a handy tool for outdoor activities, like camping, cycling, fishing, traveling, hiking and beaches.

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Why Choose BLAVOR?

1. Real, authentic 10,000mAh capacity, you get what as advertised.

2. Qi wireless, certified by Wireless Power Consortium (ID-3533).

3. ISO 9001, UL2056, CE, PSE, you get the harmless electronics.

4. Brand-oriented, you get higher quality products with less cost.


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BLAVOR is committed in wireless and solar charging solutions. Our products cover from wirless charging pad and stand, wireless power bank to wirless solar charger. And all our solar powered products are made with the highest standards in the realm of solar charging business. BLAVOR believes quality speaks louder than anything! Our vision is to offer our customers a energy-efficient life in order!






Equipped with dual flashlights, handy and convenient as camping and emergency light.

Suitable for outdoor activities, like camping, cycling, fishing, traveling, hiking and beaches.

Qi-technology, BLAVOR wireless products are committed to make your life tangle-free and easy.

If you are interested in the Qi wireless charging feature, please make sure that your devices is Qi-enabled.

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Main features of different models are given as below, There is always one that meets your need!

*W05: 10,000mAh, single panel, qi wireless, dual flashlight, the most welcomed and cost-effective one from BLAVOR.

*W12: 20,000mAh, single panel, 10W wireless, PD 18W fast charging, 3 modes flashlight, one with the highest charging speed of wireless and usb.

*W09: 20,000mAh, five detachable panels, qi wireless, 3 modes camping light, one with the highest solar charging performance.

*W12Pro: 20,000mAh, four panels, PD 18W, 3 modes flashlight, camping light, one with both multi-panels and PD fast charging features.

*W20: 20,000mAh, single panel, qi wireless, steady flashlight, 5V3.0A input/output, one with large capacity, 15W usb charging.

*W21: 10,000mAh, foldable panels, LCD real time power display, wireless, 3 modes flashlight, one with LCD power display, 15W usb charging.

Just click below “Model Number Super Link“ and swipe left to check each product’s detail page.

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