KES 30-Inch Kitchen Pot Rack – Mounted Hanging Rack for Kitchen Storage and Organization- Matte Black 2-Tier Wall Shelf for Pots and Pans with 12 Hooks – KUR215S75B-BK

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About this item

  • Metal
  • KEEP YOUR KITCHEN STYLISH AND CONSERVE SPACE USING A POT RACK – Whether you’re struggling to keep a tiny kitchen tidy or just looking for a creative way to free up some counter space, the KES kitchen rack will add chic and spaciousness to your home.
  • HANG YOUR POTS AND PANS TO FREE UP CABINET SPACE AND AVOID CLUTTER – Our classy matte black rack features 12 hooks for your various cookware. Perfect for storing iron pots, mixing bowls, ladles, and stainless steel pans. Everything you need for cooking will always be within arms’ reach, easy to spot, and organized.
  • STURDY GRID SHELF WITH 12 MOVABLE HOOKS – Our large grid shelf measures 30″ by 9.8″ and is sturdy enough to hold pots, pans, and any other kitchen necessities. The 12 S-shaped hooks hanging below are easily detachable, movable, and strong enough to withstand even heavy utensils. MAX. LOAD: 55 lb, screw-mounted on solid concrete wall.
  • CONVENIENT INSTALLATION ON 16-IN WALL STUD – We’ve upgraded our pan rack by adding two mounting holes 16-inch apart for simple installation on a 16-inch wall stud. We’ve also included dual-use anchors – suitable for both drywall and solid walls – and heavy-duty stainless steel screws.
  • FAST AND EASY INSTALLATION – Hardware supplies and instructions are included with your purchase. Easy and uncomplicated, installation shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes – and then you’re free to enjoy the extra space and tidiness in your kitchen for years!

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Our kitchen storage rack is a fashionable and convenient option for creating space in even the tiniest of kitchens. With simple installation, an instructions manual, and mounting supplies, you’ll have everything you need to have the rack up in no time at all.

A sturdy grid shelf and 12 detachable hooks will make kitchen organization easier than ever so you can enjoy stress-free cooking and extra counter space!







We have upgraded this pan pot rack by increasing two 16-inch mounting holes and upgraded super strong anchors (suitable for both drywall and solid concrete wall). And the solid heavy metal makes it safe even hanging numbers of kitchen utensils.

A: The upgraded anchor equipped with KES needs to be tightened with an electric drill. After tightening, the rear area of the anchor is folded or unfolded.

Our wall-mount pot rack has two installation modes.You can use the mounting brackets underneath the pot rack, or on top.


You should use 8mm drill to make holes.

Maximum load is 25kg or 55lbs.(Screw-Mounted on the wall stud or solid concrete wall.)



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