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Suriname Travel Guide. Tourism Information. This interesting and picturesque country can offer more than magnificent nature. Travelers will find here unique architectural and historical monuments, interesting authentic traditions and hospitality. Commewijne remains the most famous region in Suriname. It’s a great place to see old plantations, beautiful mansions and buildings of the colonial era. Quite an interesting fact many plantations keep working even nowadays, despite the fact that they are several hundred years old. Travelers are welcome to attend an excursion to the piedmont region or visit one of cosy fishing villages. Johanna Margaretha, Margrita, Pomona, Bakkie and Rust en Werk are among the most famous and authentic settlements in the country. Here travellers will be able to get acquainted with local lifestyle, rent a boat and fishing tools. The ancient city of Braamspunt is located to the west from Commewijne. An ancient fort remains the main landmark of the city. Nieuw Amsterdam is another popular tourist destination in Suriname. Back in the 18th century, the city was an important strategic point. Several protective facilities, which form a united architectural assembly, have survived till our days. The city is located on the bank of the River Suriname, and during the years of the World War II cannons were installed on its banks. The cannons stand on their original places even now and have become a kind of a monument.

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