NUWAVE Flex Precision Induction Cooktop, Portable, Large 6.5” Heating Coil, Temperature from 100F to 500F, 3 Wattage Settings 600, 900, and 1300w

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  • ADVANCED INDUCTION TECHNOLOGY – The 1300-watt NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop (PIC) Flex made with a series of magnetic induction coils located in the cooking surface. These coils generate magnetic fields that produce a warming reaction in steel and iron-based pots and pans, producing heat directly in the cookware and less residual heat in your kitchen.
  • PRECISE TEMPERATURE CONTROL – While other portable induction cooktops can only cook as low as 140°F or as high as 420°F, with the NuWave Cooktop, you can sear a gourmet steak at 500°F or keep sauces warm at 100°F, all with the same unit. Best of all, the intuitive digital temperature controls let you adjust the cooking temperature in 10° increments with the press of a button
  • PORTABLE COOKING CAPABILITIES – The PIC Flex lets you cook outside the kitchen. With a lightweight, compact design, you can take the PIC virtually anywhere. As long as you have access to an electric outlet, you can cook in your backyard, in the RV, at the campsite and so much more. It even boasts 3 wattage settings of 600, 900 and 1300 watts so you can cook with limited power or with more than one appliance plugged into the same outlet.
  • SAFE & EFFICIENT – The PIC Flex generates heat directly in the cookware itself, wasting virtually no energy while cooking your food and saving you money on your energy bill. By using no more than 1300 watts, the PIC conserves up to 90% of the energy wasted by traditional gas or electric stoves. And because the PIC Flex doesn’t cook with any open flames or hot coils, the area around the cooktop remains cool. These safety measures greatly reduce the risk of fires and accidental burns.


Nuwave PIC Flex Induction Cooktop

For over twenty years, every NuWave product has reflected our company’s core philosophy of “Live Well for Less.” Our products, developed at our Libertyville, Illinois headquarters, exceed industry best practices regarding safety and product quality in an economical and eco-conscious way that ensures NuWave appliances are both technologically advanced and affordable for everyone. Our customers are always our top priority, and every member of the NuWave team is absolutely dedicated to ensuring that everyone who comes to NuWave enjoys a positive experience.

Nuwave PIC Flex programmable cooking, precise digital controlNuwave Flex Portable SizeNuwave Flex Wattage ControlNuwave Flex Safety Alert

Nuwave Flex Portable SizeNuwave Flex Portable Size

Nuwave Flex Wattage ControlNuwave Flex Wattage Control

Nuwave Flex Safety AlertNuwave Flex Safety Alert

The portable 1300-watt PIC Flex features smart stage cooking capabilities that allows you to program your favorite cooking procedures. Simply program the different cooking times and temperatures into the cooktop, press Start and the PIC Flex will do the rest. With 100 hours of programmable memory, it’s like having your own personal chef.

It also boasts a convenient Delay function that allows you to initiate cooking when it’s most convenient for you.

The PIC Flex offers precise temperature control with the simple press of a button. With an expansive temperature range, adjustable in 10-degree increments, the 1300-watt PIC Flex can cook as low as 100°F and as high as 500°F.

The PIC Flex even has three different wattage settings, so you can cook at 600, 900, or at the full 1300 watts. So even if you’re on a boat, in an RV or simply want to cook without overloading your outlet, the PIC Flex can accommodate your needs.

The induction reaction generates heat directly in the cookware itself. That means the rest of the PIC Flex surface remains cool to the touch, greatly reducing the risk of accidental burns.

When you remove a pot or pan from the PIC’s cooking surface, the conduction of heat stops immediately! The cooktop also shuts off when the cook time reaches zero, so no more wondering if you remembered to turn off the stove, the PIC Flex will turn itself off!

Nuwave Flex Precision Induction CookingNuwave PIC Flex efficient induction heating

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