La Gringa

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Just as stereotypes don’t always hold true, criminals aren’t always as the appear. A well-educated, Midwestern blonde becomes the go-to operative for a Latin American gem smuggling operation. La Gringa explores what’s right and what’s legal are often blurred lines for the shady criminals of sun-soaked Miami. You read about the criminals who get caught, never the ones who don’t.

“La Gringa is an easy read, which is surprising, considering the subject matter. Full of international travel and multicultural characters, “Gringa” is a powerful novel about a young woman who is trying to make something of herself in a man’s world, even if it means breaking the law.” – Erin Clemence

“This is the perfect weekend getaway or poolside read and I would recommend it to anyone interested in suspense or criminal reads.” – Lacepaperlife

“Soluna was a relatable character and I loved her interactions with her crime “family”. Part thriller, part adventure Swarm bring us to many beautiful tropical locations and only many adventures.” – Alyceloves2read

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