KastKing Radius Line Spooler – Compact Fishing Line Spooling Tool for Spinning Reels and Casting Reels – Line Spooler Spools Fishing Reels Without Line Twist

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  • Key Features – Unique patent pending design – Spool spinning reels and casting reels without fishing line twist – compact design for easy storage and portability – 1/4lb spool capacity – Soft touch clamping points protect rod blanks – adjustable line spooling tension bands ensure that line is spooled tightly on the reel – works with monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braided fishing line.
  • PATENT PENDING LIINE SPOOLING TOOL– The innovative KastKing patent pending line spooler design is simple to use and can spool both spinning reels and baitcasting reels without any line twist. Rubber coated clamp points firmly grip nearly any size rod without damaging your fishing rod and tension bands can be adjusted to apply the ideal line tension during the spooling process. Made with non-rusting ABS materials.
  • NO LINE TWIST – The Radius design allows fishing line to come off your filler spool and directly onto the reel spool without any twist in the fishing line. When spooling a casting reel, the line comes off the top of the filler spool and winds directly onto the top of a casting reel without changing the coiled memory of the line. For a spinning reel, the line is un-coiled from the filler spool and coiled directly onto the reel spool in the same fashion.
  • SPOOLING MADE EASY – Place the tension band on a spool of line, clamp the Radius to a rod, using the threaded t-handle mount up to a 1/4lb spool of line on the tool, attach the fishing line to the reel spool, and crank the handle to fill your fishing reel with your favorite fishing line. Instruction cues are molded into the tool as a quick reference to ensure your set up is correct for spinning and casting reels.
  • COMPACT DESIGN – The small design of the KastKing Radius line spooling tool makes it easy to store with your fishing gear at home or take on the road. The threaded t-handle stores inside the Radius and the tension band can be attached to the Radius to ensure all the components are stored together. The Radius is always there when you need to spool line. KastKing Radius Line Spooler compact design easily fits in your tackle bag, jacket pocket, or boat or truck glove box.

Spinning Reel Setup

Kastking Radius line spooling tool has a unique compact design which gives you a quick and easy way to spool both casting reels and spinning reels without twisting the fishing line, and without removing the reel from your rod.

Casting Reel Setup

The Radius fishing line winder spooler is designed to position the filler spool parallel to the rod for spooling casting reels. This orientation permits line to unroll from the filler spool and roll directly onto the casting reel spool without twisting the fishing line during the process. Our unique tension band system allows for quick adjustments to the line tension being applied during the spooling process to ensure the line is tight on the spool. An integrated slide lock makes it easy to quickly adjust to wide or narrow spools.

Line spoolerLine Spooler

For spinning reels, the filler spool is positioned perpendicular to the rod which allows the fishing line to un-coil from the filler spool and coil onto the spinning reel spool. This prevents the line from twisting as it is being spooled onto the spinning reel. The adjustable tension band is used to apply the ideal pressure to make sure the line lays down correctly on your fishing reel and it is not too loose.

Line Spooler

Wind fresh line Spool on your reels anywhere at any time with the compact KastKing Radius line spooling tool!

Line Spooler

Double injected rubber clamp points help to prevent any damage or marring to your rods. Instructions are molded into the body of the unique Radius line spooler to assist with the proper setup for both spinning and casting reels.

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