Giraffe Tools Hybrid Garden Hose 5/8 in. x 100 ft. Lightweight, Durable Water Hose with Sleeves, No-kink, Leakproof, Heavy Duty Gardening Hose with Male to Female Fittings

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  • PREMIUM QUALITY — Combined with 2 layers of lightweight hybrid and 1 layer of bursting resistant polyester mesh, Giraffe Tools hose has been tested rigorously to confirm burst strength, kink and abrasion resistance, leakproof seal, and connection strength.
  • EXTREMELY DURABLE — Garden hose is designed to be dirty resistant and abrasion resistant. Copper Connecters are crush resistant. This heavy duty hose can also resist wide-range outside temperature from 40 to 150 degree fahrenheit, suitable for all seasons.
  • EASY MANIPULATION — Equipped with male & female 3/4″ nickel plated brass Connector with swivel grip, hose can be connected to faucet or hose reel easily. 29& lighter hybrid material helps you to coil and handle hose with little effort.
  • PRACTICAL HELPER — Flexible water hose supports 150 psi working pressure. The 5/8” internal diameter of gardening hose has higher water flow rate. A variety of speciliazation lenghths fulfill your needs to have a efficient and effective outdoors tools.
  • WIDE APPLICATION — Giraffe Tools garden hose is your universal choice not only for garden, yard and lawn watering, but also for washing vehicle, house and livestock, and other household and professional purposes as well.

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5/8in. Hybrid, Rubber Garden Hoses


Giraffe Tools aims to be the top manufacturer of automatic retraction for water, electricity, and pneumatic products.

Giraffe garden hose adopts a new lightweight and flexible hybrid polymer design, which can lie flat under pressure and eliminate kinks. It has enough flexibility and abrasion-resistant outer cover can easily bypass obstacles such as bushes and will not wear and tear, so it will not affect you when coiling. Plus, the high-quality O-rings ensure the long-term, leak free water outlet.


Made of a three-layer hybrid polymer material that is lighter than the rubber without losing its strong properties. The outer layer is abrasion resistant and resists kinking, allowing it to withstand pressure without tangling.

Heavy Duty Garden Hose

soliddurable coil


durable durable


Giraffe garden hose is made of a lightweight, flexible hybrid polymer material. It will not kink under pressure and will not deform in any way.

Unique flexible hybrid polymer outer layer is not only dirt and abrasion resistant, but can conform to use in the thorny outdoor mountains. Equipped with solid enough brass fittings.

The male to female fittings is more compatible in your daily use. Giraffe garden hoses meet your need for easy winding and give you a different experience.

Solid Brass 3/4in. Ends (Male to Female Connector)



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