Fevone Garden Hose 100 ft Heavy Duty Water Hose 5/8 Garden Hose 100 feet Lightweight Garden Hose, Lawn & Garden Watering Equipment, 3/4 Solid Fittings, Drinking Water Safe

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  • This garden hose kinks less than a regular hose, mainly because, instead of being made of unyielding plastic or rubber, this hose is made from high quality material of hybrid polymer that makes the hose sturdy and flexible, the decently flexibility helps a lot with kinking less. This 100 foot garden hose is flexible enough for no-fuss spooling onto or off of your hose reel, it’s very easy to coil up
  • This 100ft hose has high quality, standard – size, 3/4 – inch, solid aluminum connectors which smoothly and easily screw on and off of all of your hose bibbs (AKA outdoor faucets), this anodized aluminium stands up well to corrosion. These fittings are well made and seal tight, the female end pre-built with a rubber washer avoids leaking, the male end has just enough threads to firmly connect hose nozzle and sprayer
  • This heavy duty garden hose has a nice sleeve cover at each end for gripping, this reinforced plastic cover adds more protection for the most vulnerable part of hose, in addition, this protective sleeve helps the hose kink less at the connection and keeps the hose from pinching off if it turns abruptly at the faucet or attachment end
  • This 100′ hose with a larger 5/8″ size is a heavy duty water hose, made of 4-layers thick material that’s still very flexible, this 5/8 hose supports working pressure of 150psi and burst pressure of 350psi, meanwhile the 5/8″ size provides very good water flow, it’s great for you to use this 100 foot hose to water the lawn, flowers and even hook it up to the pressure washer
  • Even though this is a 100′ hose and with a larger 5/8″ size, it is still lighter than a 100 ft rubber hose due to new hybrid material, this makes the hose easy to maneuver and move around. The inner tube material of this hose is NSF certified, this make the hose drinking water safe, it’s a great choice for filling RVs, filling kiddie pools, and for watering the horses and other pets. Try this bright neon green hose 100 feet

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About Fevone Hybrid Garden Hoses

garden hosefevone garden hose

Try fevone garden water hoses that will meet all your needs and provide a lot of convenience for your daily gardening life.

The fevone hybrid garden hose is designed and manufactured to give you years of service. Here are some helpful tips that will help you maintain the initial quality of your water hose:

garden hosegarden hosegarden hose

garden hosegarden hose

garden hosegarden hose

garden hosegarden hose

The fevone garden hose equipped with 3/4″ solid aluminum fittings, avoid of rusting, rubber washer placed inside the female end maintains a tight seal, avoid of leaking.

This hybrid garden hose is really heavy duty water hose, combined with 4 layers: lead free inner layer, reinforced mid layer, woven mesh layer and durable outer layer.

This flexible hose features all weather flexibility, which means that the heavy duty water hose stays flexible and won’t get stiff and brittle even in extreme weather conditions.




garden hosegarden hose

The inner tube material of this drinking water hose is NSF certified and meets CA65 testing standards, safe for drinking water from this garden hose.

This flexible garden hose won’t fight you when coiling it, which means that this zero memory garden hose stays flat without twisting

This heavy duty water hose is flexible yet sturdy, the material of this hybrid polymer hose is abrasion-resistant and this outdoor hose comes with crush-resistant anodized aluminum fittings.

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